Future Technology

Who We Are ?

We are a company focused on basic technology production for our strategic partners. As a result of our culture of transforming academic knowledge into progressive engineering studies, shaped by our original approaches to systematic thinking, we are moving forward with the aim of dramatically improving multidimensional product development processes ranging from advanced mechanical design to embedded systems. In our Ostim Technopark workshop, we always aim to produce unique approaches to multidimensional engineering problems. Our work environment is based on blending creativity with discipline. We always attach importance to the personal development of our employees. We have projects within the scope of university - industry cooperation projects that include advanced engineering that we are currently carrying out. We welcome such cooperation proposals and take them into preliminary evaluation. In line with this purpose, we attach great importance to basic science and engineering knowledge, we evaluate various solution approaches to problems in detail, and we do our job happily. From product design to the last stage of mass production, we have the philosophy of providing a significant part of the services required within our own structure, and we have this competence to a great extent. We have a dynamic work tempo with our young and technically skilled technicians and engineers. Meticulous testing processes are of great importance in sectors such as machinery, automation and medical, where serious and strict standards are in question. For this reason, we carefully create the necessary infrastructure to systematically test our products and processes for compliance with standards.

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