Area of Expertise

We design and implement with precision

Precision Guided Munition Subsystems

One of the most important developments in the history of twentieth century warfare has been the emergence of the precision weapon: the weapon which can be aimed and directed against a single target, relying on external guidance or its own guidance system. As a subsystem provider, we design, test and manufacture Canard Actuation Systems (CAS), Seeker Gimbals, Wing Deployment Mechanism and FZU

UAVs Subsystems and Gimbals

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are being widely used in modern surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, reconnaissance and also as a loitering minution system.
As a technology provider, we design, manufacture and assemble reliable and high performance subsystems of fix or rotary wing UAVs. Lightweight and precise gimbals are one of our expertise.

Miniature Servomotors, Actuators and Gearboxes

Teknolus has expertise on custom designing the state of the art servomotors, actuators and gearboxes. Please contact us to get further information.

Ground Vibration Test, Modal Updating and Flutter Analysis

Teknolus Experts investigate the flight platform in terms of any aeroelastic instability problem within the prescribed flight envelope. The flight envelope is then updated for the related external store configuration by examining the potential aeroelastic instabilities. Upon request Teknolus may supply all the hardware and software for the execution of GVT, Modal Updating and Aeroelasticity Analysis.

Technological Capabilities

Matching Technological Capability to Customer Requirement is the Key.

Magnetostatic Analysis

Structural Analysis

Aeroelastic Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Composite Engineering

Gears and Transmission Design