Future Technology

Quality Policy

Quality for our company Teknolus Energy; It is that invaluable satisfaction and sense of commitment that makes our customers always want to work with us.

In order to create and maintain this feeling, we produce the best in quality, delivery time and cost of our products with perfect precision.

In all areas in which we operate,

  • To maximize the satisfaction of our customers by always meeting the needs and expectations of the customers we serve in the most accurate and highest quality way, and to realize all these with the highest efficiency.
  • To be a sought-after and trusted company in our sector with the participation and desire of our employees,
  • To fully meet the expectations of our customers,
  • To comply with the conditions of the quality management system that we have established in our services and system and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level by constantly improving its effectiveness,
  • To ensure improvement by constantly reviewing our policy, our quality targets that are consistent with our policy, and the quality management system we have established,
  • To meet customer needs in a timely and desired manner,
  • To ensure product safety,
  • Developing a culture in accordance with ethical rules
  • To have a culture that always assumes risk and aims to reduce it
  • To produce fast and accurate service,
  • To always be a reliable company,
  • Determining continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy, not content with preserving our current situation.

The sure way to achieve our goals is to follow a determined policy, to evaluate the cause and effect relationships of events, and to believe wholeheartedly that we can achieve it by working with a team spirit.

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