Future Technology

Environment Policy

Our company's sensitivity to occupational health and safety and environmental protection is based on three basic principles;


Employees should be provided with a safe and secure working environment.


Taking the necessary measures for the health and safety of individuals and the prevention of possible accidents with the importance given to the environment will provide economic value to both the company and the employees.


It is based on the Labor Laws of the Republic of Türkiye. Laws and regulations in the field where Teknolus operates also necessitate similar practices. Responsibility of every level of our company to provide safe working conditions and a safe and healthy environment in the 3 main issues we have explained above is one of the basic principles of Teknolus Health, Safety and Environment policies. The health and safety of individuals is the first priority of Teknolus. Teknolus is aware of its responsibility to eliminate or minimize the damage that may be caused to the environment during exploration, production and operations, with a correct environmental management approach. The implementation of health, safety and environmental policies requires the effort of all employees and being aware of these responsibilities. Teknolus expects all employees to cooperate in the implementation of these policies. An agreement has been made for the materials to be formed and collected in the return systems, which are determined as Environment and Scrap in terms of our location, work and location. A notification was made to all personnel in terms of sensitivity to the subject.

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